about me!

I can be found high in the sky, but also in front of my computer.

Hi, my name is Mike

Oh, hello and Welcome on this treasure of a website.. lol.

Okay but seriously, I’m Mike, 36 years young and I live in Switzerland. My main work is to fly some metal things in the air commercially. Yeah on the picture above, thats me. I know… Unbelievable, it must be fake..

But I’m not just a pilot. I’m also a gamer since childhood. I still remember how I got my Nintendo64 with Zelda Ocarina of Time. Man those times were legendary. 

Later on I also tried the PlayStation One and was quite happy. Different than Nintendo but also fun. Since then I owned every console from Nintendo and Sony. Gamecube, PS2, Wii, PS3 and there something happenend. While I was playing Assassin’s Creed 2 on my PS3 i noticed some strange sounds. If you are a trophy hunter you will know what I mean. I had to check what it was and it came out that i got some trophies. What the heck are trophies? 

Unfortunately I found out what these trophies were and what they do and I somehow got addicted to them. Everything since then was build around these little addictive things. The sound when I achieved a trophy made me happy. I couldn’t get enough from them.

In the early days, not every game had trophies. And not only that, platinum trophies have been really a reward. In todays trophy hunting scene a lot has changed. There are companies who produce games with easy and simple trophies to achieve. And yes, I also played a lot of them. Sometimes it’s just plain fun to earn a lot of trophies and platinums in a single day. 

But now I want more. I still love playing games, but I want to see the other side. The side where games are created, developed and filled with love.. Or trophies.. Yeah, let’s just go with trophies. I always wanted to create my own games for PlayStation with trophies. My devil inside me wants to make games with almost impossible trophies to earn. But No, I decided to make small games with relatively easy trophies to earn. Why? Because I also love to play them. 

I know a lot of trophy hunters out there don’t like these easy games like these from Ratalaika, Breakthrough and so on. But hey, at the end everyone should play and consume what makes him happy. It’s simple as that.

And I hope I can bring some games on the PlayStation Universe to live and also onto your consoles. That would be amazing.


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