publishing with us

So you are interested to publish your work through us to playstation?

What you need to know about our process

So you have some work, which you want us to publish to the PlayStation universe? No problem, here are the facts about it. If you are further interested, don’t hestitate to contact me. Okay, let’s dive into it and provide some information:

  • There is no fee when publishing your game through Toth Games. 
  • We do not buy the game from you! 
  • We just simply share the revenue the game is making.
  • Everything will be written out in a contract which both have to agree to. No hidden stuff. 
  • For the time being, only PS4 games can be published. In the future, also PS5 will be available.
  • The game has to be made with Unity for the time beeing. Unfortunately, I’m not able to convert a game made in another engine to PS4.

Example of a publishing process

Lets say you reach out to me, because you have a game you want to publish. How will it go from then?

First of all we chat a little bit about the game, the goal with the game, some dev insights etc. We also get to know eachother, thats quite important.

From then we discuss the details about our contract and we sign the written version of it, if both are satisfied.

After that I will work with your game, make it ready for the PS4 and add some trophies. All in closed loop with you, because at the end it is still your game and your name will be in it. 

If everything is ready, the publishing process will start. 

Of course there are more details in the whole process, but that is a short overview about it.

Still interested to publish? 


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